Get Growing: CHGA Application Available Now

Grid cover story superstar Nic Esposito—who also happens to be a PHS employee—passed along this information for local entrepreneurial growers:

The City Harvest Growers Alliance (CHGA) is a project sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s PhiladelphiaGreen (PG) program and funded by the USDA. Its purpose is to increase the supply of nutritious, locally-grown produce in Philadelphia, provide material and educational support, and provide supplemental income to entrepreneurial growers. 

Specifically, the project will provide plants, supplies and support through Green Resource Centers to participating urban farming entrepreneurs. Members of CHGA will receive instructional workshops on pre- and post-harvest handling for markets and local resources for preparing for markets. Priority will be given to more experienced gardeners/growers. 

All applications must be submitted to PHS by 5 p.m., August 6, 2010.

Mail or hand deliver to: PHS 100 N. 20th St., 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA, 19103, Attention “CHGA.”  Fax: 215 988 8810. Email:

Click here for the application.

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