Community Grant Award

The Partnership CDC is proud to announce the SCI-West Community Grant Award. The purpose of the SCI-West Community Grant Award is to support the efforts of grassroots community-based groups within the target area to implement small projects that support the mission of SCI-West. With The Partnership CDC’s focus on sustainable, healthy and vibrant communities, it is natural that we are collaborating in this grant, along with The Enterprise CDC, The University City District, and The People’s Emergency Center CDC. It is funded by the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC).

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell and representatives from the partner CDCs.


One time grant awards will be made for $3,000 per project. Projects must be in one or more of the focus areas: beautification, safety/security, community based events, educational programs, and environmental projects/programs in the SCI-West target area. Five grants will be awarded to organizations from each of the four partner CDC’s. A selection committee comprised of stakeholders/volunteers from each CDC will evaluate the proposals and select grant recipients.


  • Successful projects must fall within the SCI-West target area, which is bound by 34h Street on the east, 50th Street on the west, Mantua Ave/Westminster and Parrish Streets on the north, and Pine Street on the south.
  • Projects must be collaborative in nature and incorporate a team approach. Projects should also include the involvement of the SCI-West local partner CDC/ Multiple stakeholder participation is encouraged. Projects must involve at least one community organization/group other than you own not including you SCI-West partner agency. Previous grant applicant and/or recipients may apply again as long as the project submitted for this round includes different community partners and a different project.
  • Eligible groups may include neighborhood based organizations, civic associations; business associations, voluntary associations, and neighborhood block clubs. Eligible organizations must have, or partner with a target area organization with the appropriate organizational capability to receive and administer grant funds—501c3 status only.
  • Proposals must show evidence that residents from the community/neighborhood/block where the project will be implemented are actively engaged.
  • Proposals must demonstrate measurable outcomes that will strengthen/enhance/improve the community being served.
  • Proposals must clearly define who the requested funds will be used and the anticipated impact of the proposed project. Furthermore the funds requested will enable the organization to complete a project that falls within one of the five key areas outlined. 
  • The submitting organization must have the capacity to complete the award follow-up form, upload pictures and status updates to Facebook, and a short written report.

Deadline for submission is 10/8/2010 at 5:00 PM. For more information contact Iola Harper- SCI-West Director at (215) 382-7522 x316 or The Partnership CDC at (215) 662-1612 x24


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