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November 23, 2010


The Partnership CDC has been growing some different programs in our backyard of West Philly to make life a little healthier for you. The Green and Healthy Initiatives of The Partnership CDC are a five-pronged approach to “greening Philadelphia one block at a time”.

First, the Green and Cool Roofings are low maintenance, cost effective investments to save money on energy bills. The Healthy Homes program is a series of workshops that help community members and their elementary age children learn important methods of keeping their homes safe and healthy.  The Green Professionals training is the training of local individuals to become certified green and cool roofing installers. The Partnership also has a Greenhouse, which serves as an educational venue for learning about plant biology and aquaponics and allows The Partnership to practice what it preaches! Lastly, the Financial Literacy Classes offer a wide range of free services to residents participating in our green programs. These services include credit counseling, energy audits, budgeting, and financial literacy training. Green Block Parties are the outreach tool used to share our programs and services with residents.

Executive Director Steven Williams explains this approach in the video below!

These initiatives have recently been getting national attention!

Two of the graduates of our Green and Cool Roofing Program were seen in the article of the Associated Press, which was then posted on the The Washington Post,  USA TodayAOL NewsMSNBC, and Yahoo! News. The articles demonstrated the rising popularity of Cool Roofing, and its economic benefits! Not only is The Partnership CDC on the forefront of this new technology, but we are actually creating jobs to support it!

Also, the Healthy Homes Program has been featured in the news! Our workshops have just begun and The Partnership CDC as the program coordinators are happy to know that this year will be even better than last. We are planning to give out over $1,000 worth of products that will allow the residents of West and Southwest Philadelphia to implement their growing knowledge of living green and healthy.

For more information on any of our initiatives, please call 215-662-1612 or email

November 10, 2010

Congratulations to the 2010 SCI-West Community Grant Awardees!

The Community Council Artistic and Cultural Enrichment Program (ACE), Explorers Sans Frontiers (ESF), Pathways to Wellness Project, United Block Captains Association and West Powelton Concerned Community Council were awarded the 2010 SCI-West Community Grant!

The Partnership CDC will partner with them in implementing their projects, and they will receive a $3,000 grant to produce a program in 2011.


The Community Council Artistic and Cultural Enrichment Program (ACE) plans to turn a section of the Mill Creek Farm into an inviting garden. ACE is an Out of School Time after school and summer program funded by the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation. Their project includes benches, fruit trees, herbs and native plants. Youth and artists will also assist to create this area. The youth will be able to learn important tools in environment and the importance of community. ACE aims to use this section of Mill Creek Farm for environmental education, horticulture and natural science.


ESF, Explorers Sans Frontiers, is a humanitarian organization focused on local and global outreach and education. ESF is a grassroots organization seeking to support emerging leaders and professionals to develop independent research, travel to countries in development, support humanitarian efforts and participate in cultural exchanges with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Their project is a “Fiscal and Physical Fitness Initiative” which would provide education, information and assistance to those coping with economic challenges and stress-induced health issues. This one-day event includes a variety of sessions on mental/emotional well-being, financial management, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Pathways to Wellness Project is an outgrowth of the Healthy Homes program and the Parents in Action Council. The goal of their project is to assist children and families in making healthy food choices by supporting food nutrition policies, expanding opportunities food nutrition policies, expanding opportunities for nutrition education and focusing on physical improvements in the cafeteria. At the project’s conclusion, the overall nutrition environment will improve substantially, such that healthy eating habits are the norm rather than the exception.


The United Block Captains Association was founded in 1999 to empower, encourage and support Block Captains, Junior Block Captains, and co-Block Captains citywide. Their project planning and hosting a “Best Practice Block Captain Session” which will allow experienced Block Captains to share methods and techniques that have successfully helped them succeed. It will also be used, as a forum to gather information so that Block Captains can hold events that will be beneficial to their community.


The West Powelton Concerned Community Council (WPCCC) is a neighborhood organization that has provided activities for youth and seniors. The West Powelton Steppers Drill Team is one of the biggest programs of West Powelton Concerned Community Council, with over 25 members all from the Powelton Village areas. Their project is a 20-year celebration that includes a community parade and documentary that highlights the success of WPCCC and the students from Powelton Village.