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The city of Philadelphia is going through some dramatic changes.  It seems as though everywhere we look, there is evidence of people “going green”.  This growing trend was once seen as a way for wealthy people to celebrate their own good deeds, but now that the tides have turned, we all have a chance to participate in the environmental movement.

The Partnership is very excited to announce its new Green Professionals Training Initiative, starting in the Spring of 2010.  The program will feature a combination of classroom training and on the job training, leading up to certifications.   The first “green” technology that we will focus on will be Green Roofing and Cool, or White Roofing.  The training curriculum that we will offer is rigorous and functional.  Our goal is that all of our students will ultimately be able to work for themselves in several capacities- as consultants, business owners, or contractors.  Our professional and entrepreneurial skills training components will help our students to accomplish this.

The Partnership’s Green Professionals program is a dynamic program that utilizes on the job training time as an avenue to the proliferation of energy efficiency technologies in the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia that need it most.  After extensive classroom training, we will install Green and Cool roofs on several West Philadelphia homes with help from PECO. These new energy- efficient roofs will dramatically decrease energy bills for residents.

Our program will strengthen the West Philadelphia community by training individuals for new jobs in the growing “green” economy, and by providing people in the area with new environmentally friendly technologies that will truly help them to save money and be more energy efficient.

As our program grows, we hope to add more technologies to our curriculum.  We believe that since the Earth belongs to all of us, all of us should have access to the skills and means to protect the planet and our future!  If you have any questions about how to be a part of our program in any capacity, please email Alix Howard at

10/20/11: Citizens Bank presents $50,000 Grant to LISC which will in turn help support the Green Professionals Program.  

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