Financial Education Center

The Partnership CDC’s PECO Financial Education Center

The Partnership CDC is a certified housing counseling agency with the Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD), Fannie Mae, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and continues to be the largest CDC in West Philadelphia that provides housing education, one-on-one counseling and referrals to the general public year-round.

The Partnership CDC’s Housing Counseling Program:

  • seeks to develop, stimulate and sustain the awareness of positive and responsible financial behaviors
  • offers financial literacy counseling and training
  • emphasizes the fundamental education necessary to navigate financial institutions, banking systems, and credit bureaus
  • empowers clients to manage their money more effectively, save their money wisely, repair their credit accurately and eventually acquire economic independence and personal wealth.               Partnership Housing Department 001                                                                                                            

The Partnership CDC PECO Financial Education Center is located at:

4020 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA  19104
Phone: (215)662-1612

Shawn McGeth,  Financial Education Manager
Martin Lewis,  Head Housing Counselor


The Partnership Housing Counselor Martin Lewis assisting one of our many clients in our mortgage foreclosure services.  Our Housing Counseling Program continually seeks to develop, stimulate, and sustain the awareness of positive and responsible financial behaviors through financial literacy counseling and training. The program consists of one on one counseling in the areas of personal credit repair, money management, budgeting, the rights and responsibilities of home ownership, financial assistance programs, mortgage default and delinquency, foreclosure prevention and intervention counseling and how to identity and avoid predatory loans.  For information on our next First Time Home Buyers Workshop call our Housing office at 215.662.1612 ext 22    

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